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Would you like to be more creative? More eloquent in conversations? More intelligent in decision making? Better at problem solving? More attentive? Able to read those difficult books? Focus deeply on the project at hand? There is a simple solution for all this: embrace boredom.

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CircuitPython in 2019

Adafruit has requested on their blog feedback and comments about CircuitPython in 2019, so here I go. I am mostly going to talk about three things: the projects that I personally want to do using it, the ongoing developments that I would love to see finished this year, and some completely crazy stuff that could potentially be added if someone smarter than me and with copious free time worked on it.

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New Website

My hosting provider is dropping their service, and that has forced me to look for another solution for hosting my website. I’ve been toying with the idea of a statically-generated blog for a long time, and this finally pushed me to try it.

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